Saipem in Norway

With over 40,000 employees worldwide, Saipem is a world leader in the oil & gas contracting services sector, both onshore and offshore. There is real strength and a depth of experience in three main business areas: Onshore, Offshore and Drilling. Saipem is organised into two Business Units: Engineering & Construction and Drilling. The Company enjoys a superior competitive position for the provision of EPC/EPCI services to the oil industry both onshore and offshore; with a particular focus on the toughest and most technologically challenging projects - activities in remote areas, deepwater, gas, “difficult” oil. Its drilling services continue to be distinctive, operating in many of the oil and gas industry’s ‘hotspots’, frequently in synergy with its onshore and offshore activities. Saipem is a global contractor, with strong local presence in strategic and emerging areas such as West Africa, North Africa, FSU, Central Asia, Middle East, and South East Asia. Saipem is a truly international company, employing over 40,000 people comprising more than 110 nationalities.

Saipem has had a presence in Norway since 1990, signing its first major contract with Statoil to develop the Kristin field in 2003.
The company's current head office is in Sola, close to Stavanger's busy international airport.

Saipem heading north
Saipem is now directing its attention towards the northernmost regions, home to one fourth of the world's known oil and gas reserves. This is going to be an important area of focus in the years to come, and Saipem currently holds a five-year contract with ENI Norge for drilling and development of the Barents Sea 'Goliat' field. This is the world's northernmost oil field, managed by Norwegian companies.

Saipem will be operating the drilling rig "Scarabeo 8" on behalf of ENI Norge. Scheduled to begin operations at the start of 2012, it is one of the largest rigs of its kind in the world and will offer clients state-of-the-art technical solutions. As severe climatic conditions are typical of these areas, the rig has been specially adapted to temperatures of down to minus 20 degrees Celsius. The use of new technologies and equipment will be crucial, in order to meet existing environmental challenges and to create safe and optimally comfortable working conditions for the rig crew.

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