Our recruitment process

Everyone in the company has a role to play in attracting and retaining talented individuals.

Our Human Resources team makes details of open positions available and processes applications carefully, making sure we overlook no-one. Working closely with the hiring manager or supervisor, they make sure that jobs at Saipem are well-represented and they answer questions from interested applicants. As Saipem’s local and international profile grows, more and more people take the intiative in calling the company directly to ask about available postions.

Having screened the initial applications, the team discusses the most promising candidates with the Rig Managers and other members of the management team. When a consensus is reached on who to call for interview, candidates are then contacted to fix a date and time for the meeting.

Interviews are usually relatively informal but thorough, giving both sides the chance to ask their own questions and gain important insights into how well they can expect to work together. Meetings normally take place at Saipem’s premises in Sola and the company reimburses air ticket(s) and other interview expenses that non-local job applicants may incur. Candidates can expect to meet key members of HR and other teams, as well as experienced individuals from operations and management.

In general, we are looking for proactive, good-humoured and open-minded people who value honesty, reliability and flexibility. They never stop learning and are passionate about what they do.

Contracts are issued to successful candidates by Human Resources, working closely with the Managing Director, who takes a particularly close interest in welcoming new personnel to the Saipem team. Again, everyone has a part to play, ensuring that newly-recruited staff soon feel welcome and are effective in their new roles.

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